Successful Expats=TranspantsHave you been dreaming about an international career? Watching your friends on Facebook posting stories of relocation to cool destinations for that one, really, really amazing job? Or going back to school to a university abroad? One of your friends may have taken a break and moved to the beach to save dolphins in a beautiful destination. All of those stories are fantastic experiences. Why not make your story this year’s story? If you have had enough of waiting, wishing and hoping to do what other people do abroad, this year can be your year to take a leap!

Those looking for a more rewarding lifestyle abroad, get ready to transplant! Expat or student mentality is great for short-term goals but successful moves abroad are like transplantations. During your move and for a significant time after, you will experience something of the sort what gardeners call a “transplant shock”. Your immune defense is down, you are feeling under the weather, sensitive to the new climate, temperature, and all conditions of your new habitat, poor quality internet access including.

While financial conditions of your move are important, it’s your focus, openness to new ideas, willingness to make new friendships and connections, goals that you set and the planning to achieve them that are key to making a move in the first place and then growing your roots. You will become a successful transplant if you research and prepare well before making the move, get to know the locals instead of staying in your expat community circle, set clear goals for your stay and have an exit strategy. After all, chances are you will have to replant back to your home country. Have no fear, planning sounds much worse than it really is. Setting up new social networks, sharing your joys, doubts and funny stories with friends, family and colleagues back home will make it worth your while.

Here is to the one and only international move that really matters. Yours!

By Yelena Mackay

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