I’m pleased your have just come across Moving Without Shaking, my book that combines years’ worth of knowledge of and experience in living abroad!

What's inside this book

Moving Without Shaking breaks down the 8 major factors that affect a move with what to expect, advice, and personal stories. Major areas include:

  • Languages: Is my native language enough?
  • Career Changes: How do I navigate a foreign job market?
  • Cultural Adaptation: What is culture shock and how should I handle it?
  • Relationships: Should I let go, or should I hold on?
  • Attitude: How can I find the right attitude to ensure a successful relocation?

Who should read this book

Expats are not just CEOs, influencers, diplomats, and offshore investors. They’re everyday professionals, students, and travel enthusiasts. Moving Without Shaking serves:

  • Professionals relocating for work
  • Corporate executives sponsoring moves
  • Spouses and partners of relocated employees
  • People interested in studying abroad
  • Volunteers and long-term travelers

What do I need to do to brave leaving home and leap into life abroad?

That question is at the heart of Moving Without Shaking, which draws upon the experiences of 9 women who have lived across 12 countries. I like to think of it as a guidebook-meets-memoir, a compilation of practical advice on the challenges of living abroad told by the people who have made the leap and managed to hold onto their sanity! I deal with issues like culture shock, navigating the foreign job market, language barriers…all of the things you don’t want to learn the hard way!

So if you’re relocating abroad, have just moved or contemplating an opportunity outside of your normal geographic boundaries. It’s also great for employers sponsoring moves, students abroad, and international volunteers. Hope you enjoy these true stories and advice!


Praise for the Book

Selena Rezvani
women’s leadership author, speaker and consultant, author of “Pushback”

“Mackay’s savvy guide on ‘moving up by moving abroad’ is packed with inspiring stories and tips. It reads as though a knowledgeable friend is digging deep to give you her very best advice and Mackay doesn’t disappoint. My favorite aspect of this useful book is the breadth of topics discussed — everything from relationships (and moving’s effect on them), to cultural adaptation, to getting up the gumption and grit to make a big leap abroad is addressed. I love Mackay’s attention to challenging the status quo by having a health fear of settling. This book can help any person inhale a deep breath, feel assured, and take that exciting risk they’ve been wanting to pursue!”

The Displaced Nation Columnist, Author of “Culture Shock: A Practical Guide and Culture Shock Toolbox”

“…And I of course love the idea of moving without shaking! That’s what this toolbox is for…”

Elizabeth Roberts
The Telegraph Expat

“Woman to woman: advice on expat life”
“An international business executive couldn’t find any books tailored to globetrotters like her – so she wrote her own”

About The Author

#supportUkraine | Fractional COO | Board Member | Early Stage Tech Investor | #IamRemarkable Facilitator

My international journey began in 1999 when I moved from an industrial city in Ukraine to the US, straight to the heart of Silicon Valley, California, to study for an MBA. Today, my global experience covers living in the US, Switzerland, the UK, Tanzania and Singapore. My career in technology sales operations has facilitated opportunities to work and live in the major hubs around the world. One key thing I have learned through my own experience: all successful global moves have a great support structure, be it sponsors, mentors, coaches, friends or family. I hope my first book will help you make better decisions and build your own successful and rewarding expat life.

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