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Who can benefit from coaching sessions to build a global career and move without shaking, without fear?

  • Expats taking on their first assignment abroad
  • Professionals planning their international assignment exit strategy
  • Managers working with global teams and supporting relocation of expats
  • Professionals and students planning to study abroad
  • Professionals and students considering a gap year and/or volunteering abroad

Welcome to Moving Without Shaking

You have an ambition to work or study abroad. The decision to leave your familiar life style and take on an international assignment for the first time is one of the most important peaks in your life and career planning. The excitement of new opportunities ahead is intermingled with thoughts about the risks and doubts about whether it’s the right move for you.

  • Making that first leap: how to overcome those doubts
  • How do you prioritize career, family, and friends?
  • Can you adjust to local culture quickly?
  • Should you take language courses?
  • What happens when your assignment ends?
  • How do you develop your career internationally?

Reviewing your plans, aspirations and timelines with someone who has had the experience and learned about the benefits of international careers and studies firsthand can accelerate your success, save you time and pain to adjust and give you better structure to achieve all you have set out to achieve and more.

Your First International Job

You just got your first job to run an international team. You work with people in multiple locations around the world. Your business is really fast. You work together on the phone or jump in and out of online conferencing sessions. You want to support their ambitions, masterfully navigate cultural differences, motivate and help with career planning, and support them through moves to locations where their personal goals will be met better.

  • Can you get to know your virtual team to realize their potential?
  • How do you manage, lead and motivate the team based in different locations around the globe effectively?
  • What level of manager’s support do people need to settle and thrive in a new environment?
  • What challenges are you likely to encounter beyond your team leadership experience in your home country?

A Career Change Abroad

You have worked really hard for the past (insert the number) years. Your career has been moving along on a pretty solid upward track. Yet something pushes you to reevaluate and consider new options. Or may be you have not been fully satisfied with the jobs you held. What if there was another opportunity to reignite or steer your career by turning back to academia? You have read a number of brochures, spoke to a few academic advisors, considered the costs, the investment of time and prospective rewards.

  • Should you commit to a graduate program abroad?
  • Why go back to school after all those years of professional career?
  • Is a full-time MBA program or a post- graduate executive program/diploma right for you?

Planning For Your Gap Year

You have done it all. You have experienced success and failure, gone through school (university), built your career, maybe went back to further education or school again. You are considering a new phase in your life. Taking a break, a career gap to refocus would be one of the options to consider. Many people who have taken a gap year look back and wish they had planned better for it.

  • What motivates you to have a gap year now?
  • Is travel, entrepreneurship or volunteering the right option for you?
  • When you return, what do you want your gap year and future story to be?

The list is not exhaustive. Your situation is unique and we’d love to hear from you on how we can help you on your international journey!

  • First Time Abroad Package

    Establish goals of your move, identify risks, talk through what successful move will look like to you and what you need to get started on the international career or study path

  • Moving Forward Package

    Your relocation situation is a little more complicated. Friends, family, colleagues, new work commitments- everything needs to be inventoried, catalogued and addressed. We will work on a plan with milestones to achieve success whether you are relocating alone or with family.

  • Moving Without Shaking Package

    Whether you need help with the first time move, taking a bigger job with global responsibilities, learning how to expertly manage across cultures or taking a break abroad to review your next life phase, we will work together to ensure your success.

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